Tuesday, June 9, 2009

'Weakness of attitude becomes weakness of character' - Albert Einstein

I just got a forward mail from one of my team mates with a subject line "Read This - Good Message If You Are Bored !!!" .... I wasn't actually bored... i was having time of my life reading CnH and eating chocolates... but then i felt like reading it.... when i read through the first line itself, i came to know that i had l already got this mail before. But then also i read through the mail... it as follows...:

The Japanese have always loved fresh fish. But the water close to Japan has not held many fish for decades. So to feed the Japanese population, fishing boats got bigger and went further than ever. The further the fishermen went, the longer it took to bring the fish. If the return trip took more time, the fish were not fresh. To solve this problem, fish companies installed freezers on their boats. They would catch the fish and freeze them at sea. Freezers allowed the boats to go further and stay longer. However, the Japanese could taste the difference between fresh and frozen fish. And they did not like the taste of frozen fish. The frozen fish brought a lower price. So, fishing companies installed fish tanks. They would catch the fish and stuff them in the tanks, fin to fin. After a little thrashing around, they were tired, dull, and lost their fresh-fish taste. The fishing industry faced an impending crisis! But today, they get fresh-tasting fish to Japan .

How did they manage? To keep the fish tasting fresh, the Japanese fishing companies still put the fish in the tanks but with a small shark. The fish are challenged and hence are constantly on the move. The challenge they face keeps them alive and fresh!

Have you realized that some of us are also living in a pond but most of the time tired and dull? Basically in our lives, sharks are new challenges to keep us active. If you are steadily conquering challenges, you are happy. Your challenges keep you energized. Don't create success and revel in it in a state of inertia. You have the resources, skills and abilities to make a difference. Put a shark in your tank and see how far you can really go!

Yea, these kind of mails are sometimes very motivating... if u are in a mood for them... But sometimes i feel that y do ppl have to send such mails? People who want challenges will definitely find them in their life... Life is always full of challenges..I am just not ready to take it up...Thats it... Today morning, i was chatting with one of my college mates. He joined a software company as a software engineer and because of his managerial skills which was way above the technical skills he had, he is not doing any development work now. He is more into administrative stuff. He was informing me that he is leaving his company is going for MBA in UK. He asked me if i am going for higher studies. Actually speaking i have sometimes thought about it long back when i was surrounded by nasty people. But now I am happy with my life. But if you start questioning my existence, i dont have answers to it. If you ask me what i am doing from morning to night? I just have the answer as that this is my routine. Does routine get boring? Why am i asking such questions to myself? Are these others' questions? Or are these questions mine which I fear to ask myself? Am I not really happy with my life? Isnt a + b = c? Goshhhhh..... In this world there are always answers to all the questions. Today, you might not be able to answer everything... but tomorrow, the question which couldnot be answered today, will be answered...

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