Friday, May 28, 2010

ividathe cheriya bhoomikulukangal! (the small tremors here!) - 3

Now please look at this picture.

This was the subject of the mail i sent to my friends... and instantaneously i got two replies asking what was there to look at! I was almost confused about myself now.

I replied back saying the father has a horizontal striped dress; the mother has vertical and the kid has criss-cross squares on his dress. And asked isn't it obvious?

Well, then came the reply from our great silku that "Now it is obvious!"

Yes! Some people are like that sometimes... and some ALWAYS! 

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Offs at Office! - 1

My manager is on vacation. He is quite a cool guy and he knows what all we do when his head is turned away. He kind of ignores all that we do since he is only bothered about if we are meeting the deadlines with quality work. But the happiness we get knowing that your manager is not going to come today to office is something which cannot be measured ( even if he is the coolest dude).  

But the cliché is that there is this another guy who is a senior and had been working from another geographic location. So he actually doesn't know what all we do at office :)! And now, he has come to Bangalore as some kind of backup for our Manager. 

He is quite smart! The first day itself he could figure out that we are quite a bunch of miscreants! The introduction being his meeting with a colleague who was watching a youtube video. The next day when he went to another's seat, some of my teammates were having a group discussion and group search on the web! He silently stood behind them and watched what they were doing. They were actually searching for some person in orkut! 

Today when Laksmi was searching for an Indian Idol(previous season) winner, she accidentally played the video out loud. It started with the Indian Idol title music. The moment she realized, she muted the laptop. So the music was not long enough to recognize that it is Indian Idol. But we couldn't escape it. This guy was sitting 2-3 cubes away. But he stood up the moment he heard the music and stared at her and started smiling. 

Senior :  You did that ASMO changes to the smartforms?
Laskmi : Yes
Senior : Did you generate and check?
Lakshmi: mmmm..... No
Senior : When will you do it? After getting the title?

ividathe cheriya bhoomikulukangal! (the small tremors here!) - 2

Working as a software engineer definitely takes a toll on our behavior or rather what we do at the destined times. Every evening when we walk out of the office and till we reach our home if we are alone, our head will be in that unexplained world of code or crypts. At that point whatever we do are come as reflexes which are acquired by living in those air conditioned offices. 

Now, for example, lets see what happen yesterday. 

My friends Gayoos, left office late obviously and her head was immersed in the previously explained unexplainable world. She reached our apartment and was standing in front of the lift showing her mobile in front of the lift (like displaying ones ID - which opens many doors in the IT offices ) for quite some time. It took her considerable time and effort to comprehend what she is  doing! 

Well we had a good laugh when she actually reached our flat! :D

Oh! Did she actually ask me not to blog about this? ;)

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

ividathe cheriya bhoomikulukangal! - 1

There are some moments and incidents in life, which you would like to remember again and again... and they make you laugh and laugh till your tummy hurts and brings tears to your eyes.... To me, my friends have given me more than enough of such incidents. I really truly treasure all my friends and those moments. 

Now when i realize that this part of my life is nearing an end, i feel like making a blog entry to note those moments! This is dedicated to all my friends... I love you all! 

This entry was actually a mail which i sent to my friends who were not present at the moment of this bhoomikulukkam(earthquake)!

Kazhinja Sunday oru sambhavam sambhavichu….
Njan athine patti marannu irikyaayirunnu…
Pakshe ippo thane silku mail ayach paranju… avalk bore adichu enn…
Ennal pinne avalk ittu ang goal adich kalayaam enn thanne njan karuthi…

Ellavarkum ariyumayirikumallo.. last Sunday savide bde yum twinky de wedding anniversary um aayirunnu...

Ann njan savi k ellavarudem vaka bde mail ayachu…

Appo silku aanel korach advanced version of wishing mail ayakaam enn karuthi… twinkyde anniversary

Aval varshamonte laptop il undayirunnaa twinky dem sanichettantem wedding pic eduth kore thirimarikal ellam cheyyan thudangi…

Aa pic aanengilo …. Ath oru valya size ulla pic aarunnu… wen she opened it in paint.. it was quite large…
Appol aval thinte mukalil wishes ezhuthaan vendi text box open chyethu… appozhe njan paranju… bold aaki valuthaaki ezhuthanam enn…
Enitt aval ezhuthaan thuninju…. Appozhathe dialogue… “ enik angad ethokeyo thulumbi varrunnu”…
Enitt aathinte baaki aayitt “ entha ezhutha?” … njan paranju.. “ ninak alle thulumbi oke varunne… ath oke ezhutheeko”
Avasanam aval onnum ezhuthatha kand … njan thanne statement parnaju koduthu…

Wishing u many more happy years ahead ( statement make cheyyunathin thott munne ulla condition “ anniversary enn varaan paadilla” twinky yude anniversary wish cheyyana mail ayakunnath enn ellavarkum orma undallo le?)

Angane njan oru statement undaki koduthu… ath ezhuthi kazhinjitt “ ineem venam” (enthokeyo thulumbi varunna aal aanu ee chodikunnath)
Appo najn paranju… ippo thanna sentence thanne kore pravashyam copy paste cheythaal mathi…
Appo silku.. “ ath oru Nalla idea aanu”
Appol nammal parnaju… aa many and more… enna words repeat chyethum cheyyathayum korach sentences undaak…
Angane aval 3 times copy paste chyeth aa text box il ittu.. enitt pic save cheythu..
Enitt ath picture manager il open cheythu… appozho….
Bhoothakannadi vech nokiyaal polum kaanatha vidham pic inte mol bhagathiyitt entho….

Appo thanne silku aa pic delete cheyth pinnem new pic eduth oru text box thurann bold ilum valya font ilum
Oru praavashyam maathram “Wishing u many more happy years ahead” enn ezhuthi!

Enitt aa pic gmail il attach chyeth twinky k ayaakaa nulla purapaad aanu….
Ellavareyum Cc vekkanulla budhi yum vishala manaskathayum avalk undaayi…

Enitt To – il twiky,…
Appo najn parnaju… ente gmail id mathi enn… appo ente perine kore their vilich avasanam aval athum type chyeth thudangiyappol
Najnum varshamonum chodichu,,, nee gmail il alle address adikunne… ente gmail id prompt cheyyunille enn…
Appol aval illla… maryadak spelling para ennoke parnaju kore viratti… ente id koodi add chyeth… ennitt mail send cheythu..

Monday vannittum infy il ulla Cc vecha aarkum mail kittiyilla.. appo najn karuthi serverinte prashnam aarikkum enn…
Pakshe ente gmail id il polum mail vanilla….

Aa ayacha mail in twinkle reply ayachu… silku num soumya kkum….. appozhaanu koottukare..
Nammude silku inte athi budhi namuk manasilaakunnath….

Aval Cc vekkanulla mail id ellam type cheythath “SUBJECT” il aarunnu…. !