Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Look Beyond!

What do you see, when you look around,
the walls of your cubicle? is that what you see?
Raise yourself and look around
the vast space filled by the clicking and clacking crowd?
Go beyond, look again;
the blocks of brick and glass,
stretched where ever you see.
Look again, beyond this, 
Yes! there is a horizon;
that is the limit you can see.
But oh mortal, believe in this,
Its not a wall, its not a crowd,
Its not a horizon, until you define!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Keep Smiling

This poem was written for my special AOL friend. I felt that i should share it with everyone; someone might get motivated. And i can spread the joy :)

Life is a journey; so they say,
So lets have a good ride; that's we pray.
But let's see what is here,
Oh Lord! This is a bumpy ride; uphill and down.
Everyone has the same destination; but different routes.
You travel along but you travel apart.
You meet different people; you go different places; some hot; some warm.
But whatever it is, wherever you are,
my friend, never be a fool, always keep your cool.
You are strong enough; you can be upto anything.
What goes around is an illusion;
How you deal with it is the reality.
I believe in you.Hope you also do so.
You can do it; you can scale great heights.
And oh my dear friend, have a good life,
Always keep smiling and keep the spirit of living alive!