Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Keep Smiling

This poem was written for my special AOL friend. I felt that i should share it with everyone; someone might get motivated. And i can spread the joy :)

Life is a journey; so they say,
So lets have a good ride; that's we pray.
But let's see what is here,
Oh Lord! This is a bumpy ride; uphill and down.
Everyone has the same destination; but different routes.
You travel along but you travel apart.
You meet different people; you go different places; some hot; some warm.
But whatever it is, wherever you are,
my friend, never be a fool, always keep your cool.
You are strong enough; you can be upto anything.
What goes around is an illusion;
How you deal with it is the reality.
I believe in you.Hope you also do so.
You can do it; you can scale great heights.
And oh my dear friend, have a good life,
Always keep smiling and keep the spirit of living alive!

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