Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Trail of Existence

Sail... sail... my friend in your boat of dream
when the stars shine up above in their gleam.
The queen of night will come and go,
enchanting her mysterious dark kingdom.
Its not her glory that will lead you
But is the gleam with in.

Sail... sail... my friend in you boat of dream
when heat waves hit you all along.
The lord of beam will burn above
sizzling the world till they bow.
Its not his blistering that will stop you
But is the gloom within.

The path of life lies within
Its always a journey towards in.
This is a journey of fascination.
May you easily spot your destination.
Open your eyes. Open you heart.
Let the aura fill inside.
Here you are... Here is the doorstep...
Start the journey now with a small step...

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