Tuesday, November 3, 2009

God! Where is life going? Now that is a difficult question. I guess many people ask this question many times a day; in many languages. But what am i doing? Am i old enough to face the mid life crisis? Does 25 years sound so old? Yes, i am going to be 25 this month. I don't regret that.
But I think I shouldn't have lived in these times. Probably i should have lived one generation back. Then i would have lived a better life! I envy my parents to have lived such a wonderful life. I envy their childhood which just had simple toys to play with; in which they played with their neighborhood friends. I envy their youth when love had been something more than what we see in movies and books. I envy their married life in which they had been together; they had time for their family and their loved ones!
I am not saying that i hate my life or something like that. I am thankful to god for my life; for being alive. But i don't think the time I am living is right. I don't regret my childhood also. But then from there on, i feel that it had been a race. I feel that I had been running. And these precious years in my life had passed away very soon. I couldn't stop, enjoy and treasure it. Now I regret that. I don't even remember how my teenage flew away. Or did i live through it! I don't know. That was quite fast. I feel that i should stop and enjoy life. But how? Haven't you heard "Life may not be the party we hoped for, but while we're here we should dance". But i feel that life is not the party! But it has turned out be a race where everyone is running to achieve something. And i feel that even I feel that i had run; but i was not quite fast! I feel that I am an underachiever. Now that is a real loss! I did run and did not enjoy my life and even though i ran, i didn't achieve anything!
Why am I so depressing? Should I really call for help! What has happen to me? Now please, anyone who is reading this, please don't get demotivated. Life isn't really bad. Just smile and everything is going to be alright!

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