Friday, August 13, 2010

Wedding: Heera - Bibin

Dear Friend,

Its a pleasure to invite you for a major event happening in my life.
Someone said "Life is a journey". I would really like your presence when i am taking a diversion in my road of life, to bless me; to pray for me; to cheer me and to encourage and support me, while i venture into the mysterious trail with a new friend. Your presence is invaluable. So please take this as a very personal invitation and be there for me!

So, See you on September 5th!

Take care.

With Lots of Love,
Heera :) 

Monday, August 9, 2010

ividathe cheriya bhoomikulukangal! (the small tremors here!) - 18

Silku's Day Out with Saji! ( in Silku's own words.... poor Silku)

It was another boring Sunday morning…and myself and Saji decided to go out and buy Churi for Heerapi’s marriage….After my church service I was waiting at the shop…trying to reach Saji on her ‘Samsung touch screen’ which as usual was switched off…. After a short wait at the Madiwala Churi shop…our ‘heroine’ came dashing in…..and all the sales boys were at ‘Madam’s’ service.

Disclaimer: While you read “Madam’s” dialogue…don’t forget to adopt her sqeaky tweaky voice and this time in HINDI!

Sales boy1: Madam, what kind of churi do you want….What’s your price range?
Madam: Wait! Meh check karthi mere pas kitne paisa hei…

Opens her handbag, takes 100 rs notes, counts one by one and confirms…

Madam: Mere paas 1000rs hei…muje cotton churiday dikhayie…
Sales boy 2 turns to go through the ordeal of taking all the churis from the rack …when saji madam runs to a set of churis neatly put in a stack at one end of the shop….

She looks at each of the churi in the rack and halfway through she started getting spasms  by balancing the churis above with her single hand..

Madam: Bhayya….yeh dikhayie mujhe…vo neche rakah hua na…voo….dikhayiye..dihkayiye…..
Madam turns to a amused me and tells: Oh! Talrnnu….

Finally Madam selects two from the lot…so she is 900 Rs down from her budget of 1000…..She goes on to check some materials over there…the sales man ,foreseeing another  potential sale…

Sales Man:  Leh lilijiye…madam…..achi quality heii…sirf 170 hei….
Madam: Hmm…Mujhe…janthi hu……mere pas heii… colur ki bottom nahi hei meri paaas….

Sales man: lijiye na..madam,,

Madam: Ok…yeh bhi pack kar do…lekhin..mere paas…sirfff….100 [peeks into the bag…counts 3 10rs note and then continues…] ha…130 rs hei….

Sales Man: lekhin ye..170 rs ka hei..

Madam: Vo teeekh hei..agali bar adjust karke deti huuuu…OK….(this I think she adopted the shopkeepers dialogue….because…this as far as I know…is usually told to the buyer by the giver…I was prepared for the “remarks” the sales man was going to throw at us…but was surprised when the sales man told …Teekh hei madam!!!! )

As  I looks on….Saji waves the salesman 1 and 2 goodbye(red-carpet style) …and we went into a bakery as I was feeling hungry…
I had a snack and ‘Madam’ bought a Frooti. As we were walking towards the bus-stop….a small boy came behind us…asking to give him the frooti...

He was behind ‘Madam’ for sometime…so she felt pity and went into the next bakers to buy the boy SOMEthing!
The problem was ‘Madam’ didn’t know what THING to buy!!!!!So she deploys one of her another brilliant plan from her kitty…

Madam: [Holding a 10rs note in her hands is asking the small boy now standing in front of the store] : kya chahiye……
The boy looks whole over the store in wonder…

Madam tries again…
Kya chahiye….bolona…..boloooo….(don’t forget the queaky tweaky)

Now as I look-on from outside the store, hardly suppressing my laughs..
….both ‘the boy’ and ‘the Madam’ are looking into the store with equal wonder in their eyes…
….The shop-keepers and the servers over there are looking at the duo in amusement in theirs…

Epilogue: To my luck without causing further scene…finally Madam decided on a Frooti pack and gave it to the boy…both went happy on their way home!

As I started teasing her at home she is giving an explanation for her exploits to b/w her perception about the boy is as follows..: Sho athu bhikshakaran polathe kochano..…athinte dress oke kandappo njan vicharichu veruthe oru kochu vannu ennodu frooti chodiche aanennu….

Myself and Heerapi: SPEECHLESS!!!!!!!

Thanks to Saji who lightened up our boring SUNDAYJ!

Something that caught my eye and held my heart

My friend got this shayari by sms. But every time i read this, there is always the beauty of it that gives a warm cushioning to my heart. I would like to share it. 

Aag Suraj mein hoti hai,Jalna Zameen ko padta hai,Mohabbat to Ankhein karti hai,Par Tadapna to Dil ko padta hai !!!

What a line! Who ever wrote this is worth praise.... Maasha Alla! Really thaareef-e-kaabil :)

Friday, August 6, 2010

ividathe cheriya bhoomikulukangal! (the small tremors here!) - 17

Angane irike Silku-vinte chinthakal oru rathri kaadu keri.... Aa chinthakal aval aduth divasam njangalk email cheythu... Ithaanu aa email:

Subject:  To the rollercoaster at my home:)

******innale ratriyile ente chintayanu ii kanuunathu….vayichu santoshikku…**********

Now when I go back in time,I can vaguely remember the first time I really felt a tug on my heart, for the person who has been running around my home for as long as I can remember, the occasion goes something like this,
My cousin: Silpa I'm going to take your mom home,,,,,,,,She is my mom,,,,,
Me: [without paying much attention,,,,,,,,.] : No she is my mom,,,,,,,you can’t take her home..

My cousin:[realizing her ploy is not getting as much attention as it should , adds more  surety to her voice before continuing ,,,,,,,]   Well,,,,,,,,actually she is not,,,,,,,,,,
You  came  in a lorry from  the neighboring state  and your mom and dad bought you from them in exchange of the fodder!!!!

Her remark hit home,,,,,,,,Now she had my full attention,,,,,,,,,,,,I looked at my mom and was so astonished and disappointed by her smile,,,,,,,,,,,
I felt a real depressing (way) downward pull on my heart as the realization hit that I’m no longer my mom’s baby,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
All self respect went down the drain as I worked my way to the most popular baby tears,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
And before the tears could spill,,,,,,my mom would hug me,,,,,,,,,assuring me that I’m the most precious thing that she has got hold in her entire life,,,,,,,,,,,,

Now years after my first tug,,,,,,,,,,,,,I wonder in how many small ways she continue to be a reason for much stronger tugs in my life,,,,,,,,,,,
When we are back from our shopping spree,,,,,,,,,,,,.I just turn on the fan and rest my ass off,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.when my mom goes directly to the kitchen to prepare a lemonade for us,,,,,,,,,,
-       TUGGG

There are guest expected at home,,,,,,,,,She is cleaning the place all over,,,,,,,,,,,,,,turning a blind eye on the fact that its mostly my things that are strewn all over the place ..
She is preparing the food while I happily watch TV, only to turn up at the dining table to have the delicious dishes made by her,,,,,,,,,,,,,
-       TUGGGGG.

When I have even the minutest headache………….I just go, lie down when my mom rushes behind me with all the home made rather mom made medicines around..
Not to ignore her part of playing nurse………..coming every hour to my bed room to ensure that I’m safe and sound…….

I can go on with this never ending inexplicable motherly attributes but let me end it here with a the same question which prompted met to start this,,,,,,,,,,,,
When my mom had to go undergo such pain to bring me to this world, and strive all the way to make me what Im.Why she still loves me the  way she does now
Will I be able to love any other person in my life the same way my mom loves me?

Let god give me the strength to reciprocate the love in three folds when she needs me


Angane aval oru senti mail oke ayach baaki ullavare senti adipikaan sramichu...

Appol njan avalk reply cheythu... 

Innale vaikeet ith vaayichitt ith ninte thane thoughts aano enn njan kurach samshayich ninnu poyi…

Ennalum ith ninnil ninn njan pratheekshichilla… ammayude bde marakunna saamadrohi aaya nee ingane oru thinking thinkum enn :P 

Ithin marupadi aayitt Silku-vinte reply:

Ammede bday marakkunnathu ente tettano.aaaanoooo

·         Enikku maravi ullathu kochile budhi kooodan ulla nalla pachakarikal kazhikkathe kondu -> A
·         Pachakari kazhikkan patnajeenne hostel-il vittathukondu(athum VALARE KUNJileeeeeee). -> B
·         Hostel-il vittathu Ammayum achedem koodi. -> C

Then A=C <- Hence proved

Ammede bday marekkan karyam AMMA tanne.

Entha allle allleeeeeeeeeeee?

Athin saji oru apt reply koduthu:
Thank god.. that she was not born in d era of einsteins… n Newtons…
Allenkil ippo Silpa eleyammma Thomas theory ennu paranhu namude kutikal kurachadhikam thala punnakendi vannene… ;)
God saved them allll  ;)

ividathe cheriya bhoomikulukangal! (the small tremors here!) - 16

Silkuvum Queen Elizabeth-um

Silku oru maravikaari aanu. Enn vech baaki ullavar maravikaar alla ennalla... Pakshe Mookillarajyath murimoookkan rajav enn kettittille? Ath pole aanu Silku-inte katha. Baaki ullavar maravikaar.. Silku athilum valya maravikaari. 
Angane irikumbol oru divasam Silku-inte Achedem Ammedem wedding anniversary vannethi. Silku oru utthama putriyude pole veettilek vilichu; achayeyum ammayeyum wish cheyyan. 
Tring Tring.... Tring Tring...
Amma phone edukunnu..
Silku : Amma, enna und vishesham?
Amma: Prathyekich onnum illa.. Entha nee ravile thanne viliche?
Silku: Oh veruthe... Aa pinne... happy anniversary... Achak phone koduthe...
Amma: Nee entha ee parayunne? Njangalude anniversay kazhinja aazcha aayirunnu!!!!

Silku phone cut cheyyunnu.

Ini nammuk vere oru divasathe kaaryam nokaam. Neram oru 7 - 7:30 am. Silku sukham aayi urangunnu... Silku-inte phone edak edak chilakkunnu. Silku puthap thalayil koodi moodi pinneyum urangaan sramikkunnu.... avasaanam kshama kett silku eneekkunnu... phone eduth nokunnu.. missed call-od missed call... ellam achayude mobile il ninn.... Deshaythod koodi Silku veetile land line ilott vilikunnu.... 
Tring Tring.... Tring Tring...
Amma phone edukunnu..
Silku : Entha ee acha ingane nirthaathe missed call tharunne? ningalk avide vere pani ille? manushyane kedann orangaanum sammathikille? Entha kaaryam?
Amma: (Oru cheru chiriyode) Nee thanne ninte achayod chodikoo... (Enn paranj achak phone kodukunnu)
Acha: Hello.. ( paranj theerum munne)
Silku: Entha ravile thanne ingane missed call adich kalikunne... enik oranganam...
Acha: Mole.. inn Ammayude birthday aanu...!!!
(baaki parayandallo... ) .. Silku vin korach naal jeevikaan vakayilaathath pole njangal kaliyaaki vittu...

Ini queen elizabeth um silku vum thammil entha bandham enn parayende? 
Angane irikumbol, oru divasam Silku vin oru forward mail kitti... Athile saramsham njan parayaam..

Queen Elizabeth entho dinner host cheyyuvaanu.. etho naattil ninn vanna etho valya aalk vendi... Dinner kazhinjappol finger bowl kond vannu.. kai kazhukaan vendi... Videsha naattil ninn vanna guest inaanenkil ith entha sadahnam enn manasilaayilla... aayaal fingerbowl ile naranga pizhinj ath juice aanenn karuthi kudichu... Appol ayaale kaliyaakathirikaan vendi Queen Elizabeth um ath thanne cheythu.. Angane avar aa guest ine maanahaani yil ninn rakshichu. 

Ee mail kittiyathum silku njangalk ath fwd cheythu thanne... enitt oru adikurippum..
"Ningalk queen elizabeth ine pole aayaal entha? njan oru abadham kaanichu enn karuthi.. kaliyaakaano vendath? Angane alla cheyyendath... Ini muthal ningal aarum swantham maathapithakalude anniversary um birthday um onnum correct time-il wish cheyyaruth... Angane aayirikanam manushyaraayaal... baaki ullavare kaliyaakathe, avar oru abadham kaanichal ath abadham alla enn varutheetheerkanam!"

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

ividathe cheriya bhoomikulukangal! (the small tremors here!) - 15

Late aakaruth

July 24, 2010. 
Sthalam : Keralathinte thalasthana nagaramaaya Thiruvananthpuram

Plamood palliyil varshamonte enagagement in panku cherunna neram. Bangalore il ninn thrivananthpurathek joli maattam vedichu poya suhruthukale kaanunna vyagrathayil aanu njangal. Arana-yum Ais-um Sreelekshmy-um ethi. Avarod samsaarikunnathin idayil Aswathiyum Suniyum evide enn thirakki.... Aswathy officil aanu... pani kazhinj ethaam enn paranju... Suni varumaayirikkum... Ith vare vilichilla... 
Pakshe engagement kazhinjittum Aswathyudeyum Suniyudeyum oru vivaravum illa...korach kazhinjappol Aswathy vilichitt pani kazhinjilla... varaan pattilla.. enn paranju.. Suniye patti appozhum oru vivaravum illa.. Appol ellavarum karuthi... ayaal varunillayirikkum,... Angane ellavarum manasammadathinod anubhandich ulla vibhavasamrudhamaaya bakshanam oke kazhich pirinju poyi.

July 25, 2010.
Ravile oru phone call kett Arana njetti unarnu... Doorabhashiniyude appurathe attath Suni aanu... Arana k nirthathe instructions kodukukayaanu Suni..
"Njan plamood junction il varum 11 aakumbol.. thante pathiv swabhavam edukaruth.. thanik vendi njan 1 or 2 manikoor onnum wait cheyyilla.. enne wait cheyyipikaruth... correct time il vannonam"
Oru gap kittiyappol Arana thirich chodichu " Enthaado thaan parayunne?" 
Appol Suni " Aaha... ippo angane aayo? Namuk Varshede engagement-in pokande?"
Arana "Edo late aayath njan alla... thaan aanu... onno rando manikoor alla... oru divasam muzhuvan late aado thaan... Engagement innalla.. innale aayirunnu!!!"

ividathe cheriya bhoomikulukangal! (the small tremors here!) - 14

Ee sambhavam njan ee blog il idaan udheshichirunilla. Pakshe oru veendu vicharam cheythappol, ee sambhavathinum oru prasakthi undenn thonni. Athukond aanu ithinum ivide oru idam kittiyath.

Sajiyum Pennukaanalum

02 August 2010. Sasmayam ravile oru 8 mani. Nammude 209 ile ellavarum maari maari aa chodyam chodikunnu "current ille?" sadharana 9 mani aakathe avide current pokarilla... Current ilal enna sathyam manasilakiyappol ellavarum pinne adutha chodyathilek kadannu " ini entha idaa?" Iron cheyyunna swabhavam illathathukond njan aa aashayakuzhappathil panku chernilla...Aasayakuzhappathin oduvil Iron cheyyendath allatha oro dress um itt ellavarum offiicilek yaathrayaayi..

Samayam ucha aayappol Saji k oru call vannu... Ath avalude mathashree aayirunnu... Oru cherukane inn poyi kananam.. Ayaal Qatar il ninn ezhunnaliyittund. Inn bangalore undakum.. Vaikeet ayaal keralathilott pokum... inn thanne poyi kaananam.... Appol Saji " Umma.. njan ittikikunna dress sheriyalla..." Appol Saji yude umma ath poyi change cheyth poyi ayaale kaanan paranju... Saji officile pani oke theerthappol samayam 3 mani. Ayaale Forum il poyi 4 mani k kaananam... Aval randum kalpich dress onnum change cheyyathe ayaale poyi kaanan theerumanichu.... Pokunnathin munne Ram inod saji paranju... njan oru cherukane kaanan poova... Ram inte first response "Are u going in this costume?"  Saji ram ine noki pedipich forum ilek yaathrayaayi...

Forum il Saji ye kaath cherukanum cherukante aniyanum nilkunnu... Gulf il vech avark kittiya thattam oke itta thatha kuttiye pratheekshichaanu randu perudeyum nilp... Sajiye kandathum rand perum njetti... Enthennal.. sajiyude "costume" oru black skirt um polka dotted blue shirt um aayirunnu...

By the by ... cherukante aniyan vaa thurannu oru aksharam uriyaadiyilla ennanu report... njettalinte aakhatham aano... atho "eee school kuttiye chettan engane kettum" enna chintha aayirunno enn ith vare oru theerumanam aayittilla... :)