Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Sound of Rain....

I am lying in my bed
I am hearing the raindrops falling
I can see the rain through my window
The drops running down the coconut leaves
The water wetting the banana leaves
I think of the narrow road in front of my house
I can imagine water gushing through its sides
The road slants down to the paddy fields
The water running towards it
I think of the paddy fields near by
I wonder how much water will be stagnating there tomorrow
It will look so beautiful
The green paddy in the orange muddy water
I think of the land near by
Where there are many coconut trees
And the small trenches dug around it
Tonight’s rain will fill them with water
A smile escapes when I think
Of my paper boats cruising in them
A hundred thoughts cross my mind
A monsoon night washed up feelings inside
Now the wind blows wild
And open my window
The slight spray of water rush inside
A slight cold has crept inside
I tuck to my blanket tightly
And its all beautiful
I open my eyes
And look around
Its dark … It’s lonely… I am somewhere …
But the sound of rain coming from my laptop
Flooded me with all those memories
Wherever I go… I know … the moments never go….

Courtsey : ... hear this and you will feel what i felt...