Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Sea and the Sequence

On 24th July, 2010, a Sunday, after varshamon got engaged, we( me, saji, silku, gayoos, varshamon and ram) visited Shanghumukham Beach. 

For those who doesn't know about it : Shanghumukham Beach: This city beach is 8 km outside the city, adjacent to the airport. Local people flock there to watch the sunset. Its a good well maintained safe beach. There is an indoor recreation club nearby. Matsyakanyaka a gigantic sculpture of a mermaid by Kanai Kunjiraman arouses mixed reaction. A small garden and star-fish shaped restaurant operates there, attracts large crowds. There is also a peaceful temple nearby.(ref: wikitravel)

I am a person who like to play in the water. As soon as we reached the beach, i stepped into water and started moving farther into the saline spirit which challenged me to dare more. Although the water was quite chilled, the excitement of playing in water definitely urged me to move further. Gayoos joined me in some time. But rest of the gang was still on the shore. As time passed and as each wave pushed me to the shore i moved further into the water with more excitement and enthusiasm. Well the excitement dint last long, the coast guard whistled and signaled us to move back and asked "don't u want to go back home?". With little saddened heart, we moved back to the shore to join the rest of the gang.

Then as usual my next venture was to push the people on shore into water. Saji and varsha was not much reluctant. Then silku told "i dont like to play in water when i come to a beach. I like to watch the waves. It is so peaceful". That's when i thought; i haven't really minded to watch the waves. Why don't i try it now. Anyways the coast guard is not making me really venture into water. So i stopped thinking of pushing silku into water and started looking at the waves. The way the they gather their exciting journey with huge amounts of water... the way the cruise to the shore... as soon as they are about to lose their momentum, they break apart and start again from midway with lesser water and more momentum... this is sooo beautiful. This is truly beautiful. Natures own way of teaching us to gain more energy and lose all unwanted emotions and to start, even if at midway, to move towards your goal. It was truly peaceful; to watch it; to feel it; to understand it; to leave the rest of the world and to continue what you are doing; to reach for your goal- no matter what. Beautiful! Amazing! Truly blissful!  
I  had read somewhere ; love makes everyone a poet. But now when i think, i feel that a sea make everyone a philosopher. There is something else which i realized during my sea-gazing; The fact that the waves are like obstacles in life. If you stare at them from a distance, you will feel that they are big, really big. But by the time they reach the shore they diminish and become quite small. So rather than staring at them from a distance, you should actually face them and feel the excitement in standing against a wave. Until and unless you don't face them, you will never know how small they are.

Nature is truly enchanting. It gives us subtle hints on how to live. Man, as time goes on, ignores them and live life as they want! Still, life goes on ... and one day...


Thursday, July 22, 2010

ividathe cheriya bhoomikulukangal! (the small tremors here!) - 13

Ith oru cherukatha aanu.. (Ho! ente daivame... ingane korach friends ine kittiyathukond njan oru cherukatha samahaaram thanne irakendi varum)

Kathayude per .... Sajiyum Shunakanum!

Evideyo vaayichittund... India ile IT thalasthanamaaya Bangalore il oru kall(stone) eduth erinjaal, onnilengil oru pattik kollum allengil oru software engineer-k kollum. Bangalore il vannathil pinne enik ath oru paramasathyamaanu enn manasilaayi. Oru shunakane kandal pedich freeze aakunna enik ith oru valya asaukaryam aanu.

Ee katha nadakunnath nammude swantham Hosur Road-il aanu... Konappana agrahara il bus erangiya Silku-vum Saji-yum koodi Infy Gate 7 ilott nadakunnu... Ivare kandapaade, athaa oru shunakan ivare follow cheyyan thudangi. Silku ith kandu. Ath mind cheyyathe aval avalude yathra thudarnu... Saji ithonnum ariyaathe Silkuvine pinthudarnnu... kurach kazhinjappol aa patti sneham mooth silku vinte aduthoot ethi... appozhaanu saji patti pinthudarunna sathyam manasilaakiyath. aval avide thanne ninna nilpaayi... enitt urakke bahalam vechu... aa pradeshathulla software engineers-um pinne aa patti ath kettu... ith kettathum shunakante full attention saji-il aayi... ath pinne saji noki nilpaayi... athinte edak Silku thante nadatham thudarnu... korach kazhinjappol aval thirinj noki... appozhum saji thaan nilkunna sthalath ninn anangiyittilla... Silku sajiye upadeshichu... Ingane pattiyod react cheyyathe, mind cheyyathe nadak. Ingane reaction koduthaal Patti-k interest koodum... Saji thanne follow cheyyum enna vishwasathode silku nadapp thudarnu... korach kazhinj thirinj nokumbol atha kaanunna drishyam...

Ini ee same scene inte Elevation(Ho engineering padichathinte oro upayogangale!) nokaam ...
Ee scene nallath pole vyakthakanamengil MS-Paint upayogichaal pora.... oru animated video thanne venam... Pakshe pani-aayudhangaulde(tools) kurav moolam njan ith Paint-il othuki... Pakshe ee rangam onn vyakthamakaan vendi njan oru hint tharaam... Saji aa cheriya idungiya sthalathil koode.. athayath aa park chyetha truck and aa drainage... athinte idayil oode chaanjum cherinjum nadakunnath... engane aanenn chodichaal... 1980s - 90s il famous aaya break dance ile oru move ile... glass - gliding... ath pole.... Ippol rangam oru vidham vyakthamaayi enn thonunnu... 

Breakdance cheyth park-cheytha truck inte pakuthi ethiyappozhaanu saji ariyunnath.. patti cool aayi avale follow cheyyunnu enn... pinne oru vidham truck inte end vare ethi.... pinne silku-nte kai pidich aval vegam Gate 7 iloode Infy campus inte ullil kadannu.... Roadside ile kadakalil irunna manushyar "daivathinte vikruthikalum manushyante mandatharangalum" kandu... kandath chirich marannu....

ividathe cheriya bhoomikulukangal! (the small tremors here!) - 12

Varshamonte Slip of the Tongue

Beetroot ishtamallatha ethra per und? Athil oraal aanu njan. Kazhinja divasam dinner-in enth vegetable medikanam enna vishayam unnayichappol enganeyo beetroot athilek kaannu vannu. Beetroot venda enn njan paranjappol varshamon enthayalum beetroot mathi. Angane baaki ullavarude koot pidich varshamon oru majority vote edukaan thuniyum munbe njan sammathichu koduthu... ho! world cup kittiya santhosham aayirunnu aa mukhath. 
Angane aa divasam vannethi. 20th July, 2010, ann rathri njangal beetroot aanu dinner in sabji aayi undakiyath. Gayoos aanu beetroot murichath. gayoos inte kai athu kond maroon color aayi. Varshamon officil ninn vannappol Gayoos aa kai kaanich koduthu... Appol varshamon santhoshathal Gayoos inte kai-kk flying kiss koduthu... Ellavarudem chiri kett avide ethiya njan entha sambhavam enn chodichappol,
Varshamon "Njan edak edak allengilum french kiss kodukaarund!".
Office-il ninn almost ella divasavum vaiki varunna varshmone ellavarum onn samshayaaspadam aayi noki.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

ividathe cheriya bhoomikulukangal! (the small tremors here!) - 11

Date : 19th July, 2010
Time: Around 6 - 6:30 pm. 

I was planning to leave office along with Silku. I called up Silku and told her that I am starting from Salarpuria and will reach Infy campus in about 15 minutes. I swiped out from Salarpuria and walked to Infy campus. When I was about to enter the campus, the security stopped me and asked where my ID card was. Then only i realized, though i had the tag around my neck, the tailpiece that is the "ID card" is missing. I panicked for a moment. Then i turned back and walked back to Salarpuria. But i couldn't find my card anywhere on the road! I informed the security about my missing card and walked back to Infy and back to home telling my kathana-katha about my missing ID. But then, i had hope... hope that someone would have got it and would have thought of returning it the next day... Well, why not? Shawshank Redemption is one of  my favorite movies.

Time : Around 7:30 - 8
We reached home and we were busy doing our sundry work and experimenting our culinary skills and awe-ing at my latest "Intel loaned hardware" - an HP Compaq 2510p and its battery life...and of course in between whenever a new person entered the flat, i start my "lost ID card story". Some mocked and some consoled me in my loss. Saji was telling... "don't worry... i lost mine in some public road, and a local-ite called up my guardian" and all... Just then i got a call. It was from a guy working in Infosys itself who got my id card on the way from salarpuria to infy... i was soo happy :) and he said he will return the id card to security. Subsequently, i got a call from security and conveyed the same info... Now we were all back to our activities (minus my cribbing about my Id card). Just then our calling bell rang. When varshamon answered the door, it was one of our apartment securities. He was having an ID card in his hand. We were all thinking.." How come the ID card reached here so soon?" ... When we looked at the card, the mystery was solved! It was saji's card! she left it in the auto and the auto guy gave it to the security. And she dint realize it yet! One moment everyone was laughing and the next moment everyone ran to check their bags if their ID card was there. Well, everyone but me! 

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

ividathe cheriya bhoomikulukangal! (the small tremors here!) - 10

One thing you have to know before reading this post is that Infosys has done some awesome landscaping in its campuses. It is one of the most beautiful places which i have visited. But this beauty is seldom noticed when you work there. There are few days on which i stop and wonder "which tree is that?", "which flower is that", "oh that grass is green" and so on. Today was one of such days.

Rangam - Infosys building 44 patio.
Samayam - 13-july-2010 9:30 am - haa... aa samayathengilum officil ethunundallo enn samadanikaam...

Me, saji and silku were entering the patio.
Appolaanu njan ath sradhichath... Aa vidarnu nilkunna vella pookaalude vasantham.... ente mansine ath vallathe aakarshichu... njan athinte soundaryathil kuliraninju nilkumbol.. sorry nadakumbol, ente manasile aa chodyam njan ente priya suhruthukalod chodichu ... "Ithenth poova"
Valare pettenn aayirunnu marupadi "breakfast kazhikaan poova".
Oru nimisham njan njetti thirinj aa utharam paranja saji ye noki... Nimishangal kazhinyum munne silku potti chiri thudangi... koode njanum! Saji aake ambarapode njangale noki... 
Saji ente " ithenth poov aanu" enthathin pakaram "engott aanu pooovunne" ennanu kettath. Appol athile nadakunna manushyar breakfast kazhikaan pokunna kaaryam enik clear aaki thannathaanu saji! :)

Sunday, July 4, 2010

ividathe cheriya bhoomikulukangal! (the small tremors here!) - 9

We had not been this happy on a sunday afternoon as today, all thanks to the bharath band tomorrow!Well, i know that this is not exactly a situation to be happy about; you know if u think of the economy and those stuff... but i am small person in my own small world. It makes me happy thinking that i dont have to go to work tomorrow. But yea..! will have to work on some saturday for compensate this. But that we will think later.

So angane we were having our evening tea and we started our game of UNO. Me, saji, gayoos and silku were the players. The first game started and i dealt the cards and it went on... Silku lost the game coz she dint call out UNO for the pernultimate card(potte! oru abadhdham ethu policekaranum pattum!). Saji dealth the cards the second time.... and silku started giving flying kisses to saji coz she got all good cards. And the game began. Silku was about to win the game! And alas she had to pick up 4 cards coz she dint callout UNO again! and belive me she did the same 3 times and lost the game(pakshe eppozhum eppozhum abadhdham pattanamengil..... ) ! The third game we played also ended like the previous two!

We were all ready to play a fourth coz now we know, wen silku is there, we can never lose! ;)

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Prospective Questions!

The future is always blank.
The pitch darkness,
to which we step;
the unavoidable;
the non-descripant.

There is always a question
which is just the commencement
of the entangled web,
of questions and doubts,
of the unpromising days,
of the unrecognisable times.

Alas, what do a mere mortal do
but to continue his journey?
Its a fact;
its the future;
no one can deny,
no one can guess,
what holds in itself ,
what unfolds to itself,
is doom or divine.