Wednesday, July 21, 2010

ividathe cheriya bhoomikulukangal! (the small tremors here!) - 11

Date : 19th July, 2010
Time: Around 6 - 6:30 pm. 

I was planning to leave office along with Silku. I called up Silku and told her that I am starting from Salarpuria and will reach Infy campus in about 15 minutes. I swiped out from Salarpuria and walked to Infy campus. When I was about to enter the campus, the security stopped me and asked where my ID card was. Then only i realized, though i had the tag around my neck, the tailpiece that is the "ID card" is missing. I panicked for a moment. Then i turned back and walked back to Salarpuria. But i couldn't find my card anywhere on the road! I informed the security about my missing card and walked back to Infy and back to home telling my kathana-katha about my missing ID. But then, i had hope... hope that someone would have got it and would have thought of returning it the next day... Well, why not? Shawshank Redemption is one of  my favorite movies.

Time : Around 7:30 - 8
We reached home and we were busy doing our sundry work and experimenting our culinary skills and awe-ing at my latest "Intel loaned hardware" - an HP Compaq 2510p and its battery life...and of course in between whenever a new person entered the flat, i start my "lost ID card story". Some mocked and some consoled me in my loss. Saji was telling... "don't worry... i lost mine in some public road, and a local-ite called up my guardian" and all... Just then i got a call. It was from a guy working in Infosys itself who got my id card on the way from salarpuria to infy... i was soo happy :) and he said he will return the id card to security. Subsequently, i got a call from security and conveyed the same info... Now we were all back to our activities (minus my cribbing about my Id card). Just then our calling bell rang. When varshamon answered the door, it was one of our apartment securities. He was having an ID card in his hand. We were all thinking.." How come the ID card reached here so soon?" ... When we looked at the card, the mystery was solved! It was saji's card! she left it in the auto and the auto guy gave it to the security. And she dint realize it yet! One moment everyone was laughing and the next moment everyone ran to check their bags if their ID card was there. Well, everyone but me! 

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