Sunday, July 4, 2010

ividathe cheriya bhoomikulukangal! (the small tremors here!) - 9

We had not been this happy on a sunday afternoon as today, all thanks to the bharath band tomorrow!Well, i know that this is not exactly a situation to be happy about; you know if u think of the economy and those stuff... but i am small person in my own small world. It makes me happy thinking that i dont have to go to work tomorrow. But yea..! will have to work on some saturday for compensate this. But that we will think later.

So angane we were having our evening tea and we started our game of UNO. Me, saji, gayoos and silku were the players. The first game started and i dealt the cards and it went on... Silku lost the game coz she dint call out UNO for the pernultimate card(potte! oru abadhdham ethu policekaranum pattum!). Saji dealth the cards the second time.... and silku started giving flying kisses to saji coz she got all good cards. And the game began. Silku was about to win the game! And alas she had to pick up 4 cards coz she dint callout UNO again! and belive me she did the same 3 times and lost the game(pakshe eppozhum eppozhum abadhdham pattanamengil..... ) ! The third game we played also ended like the previous two!

We were all ready to play a fourth coz now we know, wen silku is there, we can never lose! ;)

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