Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Sea and the Sequence

On 24th July, 2010, a Sunday, after varshamon got engaged, we( me, saji, silku, gayoos, varshamon and ram) visited Shanghumukham Beach. 

For those who doesn't know about it : Shanghumukham Beach: This city beach is 8 km outside the city, adjacent to the airport. Local people flock there to watch the sunset. Its a good well maintained safe beach. There is an indoor recreation club nearby. Matsyakanyaka a gigantic sculpture of a mermaid by Kanai Kunjiraman arouses mixed reaction. A small garden and star-fish shaped restaurant operates there, attracts large crowds. There is also a peaceful temple nearby.(ref: wikitravel)

I am a person who like to play in the water. As soon as we reached the beach, i stepped into water and started moving farther into the saline spirit which challenged me to dare more. Although the water was quite chilled, the excitement of playing in water definitely urged me to move further. Gayoos joined me in some time. But rest of the gang was still on the shore. As time passed and as each wave pushed me to the shore i moved further into the water with more excitement and enthusiasm. Well the excitement dint last long, the coast guard whistled and signaled us to move back and asked "don't u want to go back home?". With little saddened heart, we moved back to the shore to join the rest of the gang.

Then as usual my next venture was to push the people on shore into water. Saji and varsha was not much reluctant. Then silku told "i dont like to play in water when i come to a beach. I like to watch the waves. It is so peaceful". That's when i thought; i haven't really minded to watch the waves. Why don't i try it now. Anyways the coast guard is not making me really venture into water. So i stopped thinking of pushing silku into water and started looking at the waves. The way the they gather their exciting journey with huge amounts of water... the way the cruise to the shore... as soon as they are about to lose their momentum, they break apart and start again from midway with lesser water and more momentum... this is sooo beautiful. This is truly beautiful. Natures own way of teaching us to gain more energy and lose all unwanted emotions and to start, even if at midway, to move towards your goal. It was truly peaceful; to watch it; to feel it; to understand it; to leave the rest of the world and to continue what you are doing; to reach for your goal- no matter what. Beautiful! Amazing! Truly blissful!  
I  had read somewhere ; love makes everyone a poet. But now when i think, i feel that a sea make everyone a philosopher. There is something else which i realized during my sea-gazing; The fact that the waves are like obstacles in life. If you stare at them from a distance, you will feel that they are big, really big. But by the time they reach the shore they diminish and become quite small. So rather than staring at them from a distance, you should actually face them and feel the excitement in standing against a wave. Until and unless you don't face them, you will never know how small they are.

Nature is truly enchanting. It gives us subtle hints on how to live. Man, as time goes on, ignores them and live life as they want! Still, life goes on ... and one day...


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