Friday, August 6, 2010

ividathe cheriya bhoomikulukangal! (the small tremors here!) - 17

Angane irike Silku-vinte chinthakal oru rathri kaadu keri.... Aa chinthakal aval aduth divasam njangalk email cheythu... Ithaanu aa email:

Subject:  To the rollercoaster at my home:)

******innale ratriyile ente chintayanu ii kanuunathu….vayichu santoshikku…**********

Now when I go back in time,I can vaguely remember the first time I really felt a tug on my heart, for the person who has been running around my home for as long as I can remember, the occasion goes something like this,
My cousin: Silpa I'm going to take your mom home,,,,,,,,She is my mom,,,,,
Me: [without paying much attention,,,,,,,,.] : No she is my mom,,,,,,,you can’t take her home..

My cousin:[realizing her ploy is not getting as much attention as it should , adds more  surety to her voice before continuing ,,,,,,,]   Well,,,,,,,,actually she is not,,,,,,,,,,
You  came  in a lorry from  the neighboring state  and your mom and dad bought you from them in exchange of the fodder!!!!

Her remark hit home,,,,,,,,Now she had my full attention,,,,,,,,,,,,I looked at my mom and was so astonished and disappointed by her smile,,,,,,,,,,,
I felt a real depressing (way) downward pull on my heart as the realization hit that I’m no longer my mom’s baby,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
All self respect went down the drain as I worked my way to the most popular baby tears,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
And before the tears could spill,,,,,,my mom would hug me,,,,,,,,,assuring me that I’m the most precious thing that she has got hold in her entire life,,,,,,,,,,,,

Now years after my first tug,,,,,,,,,,,,,I wonder in how many small ways she continue to be a reason for much stronger tugs in my life,,,,,,,,,,,
When we are back from our shopping spree,,,,,,,,,,,,.I just turn on the fan and rest my ass off,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.when my mom goes directly to the kitchen to prepare a lemonade for us,,,,,,,,,,
-       TUGGG

There are guest expected at home,,,,,,,,,She is cleaning the place all over,,,,,,,,,,,,,,turning a blind eye on the fact that its mostly my things that are strewn all over the place ..
She is preparing the food while I happily watch TV, only to turn up at the dining table to have the delicious dishes made by her,,,,,,,,,,,,,
-       TUGGGGG.

When I have even the minutest headache………….I just go, lie down when my mom rushes behind me with all the home made rather mom made medicines around..
Not to ignore her part of playing nurse………..coming every hour to my bed room to ensure that I’m safe and sound…….

I can go on with this never ending inexplicable motherly attributes but let me end it here with a the same question which prompted met to start this,,,,,,,,,,,,
When my mom had to go undergo such pain to bring me to this world, and strive all the way to make me what Im.Why she still loves me the  way she does now
Will I be able to love any other person in my life the same way my mom loves me?

Let god give me the strength to reciprocate the love in three folds when she needs me


Angane aval oru senti mail oke ayach baaki ullavare senti adipikaan sramichu...

Appol njan avalk reply cheythu... 

Innale vaikeet ith vaayichitt ith ninte thane thoughts aano enn njan kurach samshayich ninnu poyi…

Ennalum ith ninnil ninn njan pratheekshichilla… ammayude bde marakunna saamadrohi aaya nee ingane oru thinking thinkum enn :P 

Ithin marupadi aayitt Silku-vinte reply:

Ammede bday marakkunnathu ente tettano.aaaanoooo

·         Enikku maravi ullathu kochile budhi kooodan ulla nalla pachakarikal kazhikkathe kondu -> A
·         Pachakari kazhikkan patnajeenne hostel-il vittathukondu(athum VALARE KUNJileeeeeee). -> B
·         Hostel-il vittathu Ammayum achedem koodi. -> C

Then A=C <- Hence proved

Ammede bday marekkan karyam AMMA tanne.

Entha allle allleeeeeeeeeeee?

Athin saji oru apt reply koduthu:
Thank god.. that she was not born in d era of einsteins… n Newtons…
Allenkil ippo Silpa eleyammma Thomas theory ennu paranhu namude kutikal kurachadhikam thala punnakendi vannene… ;)
God saved them allll  ;)

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