Thursday, May 27, 2010

Offs at Office! - 1

My manager is on vacation. He is quite a cool guy and he knows what all we do when his head is turned away. He kind of ignores all that we do since he is only bothered about if we are meeting the deadlines with quality work. But the happiness we get knowing that your manager is not going to come today to office is something which cannot be measured ( even if he is the coolest dude).  

But the cliché is that there is this another guy who is a senior and had been working from another geographic location. So he actually doesn't know what all we do at office :)! And now, he has come to Bangalore as some kind of backup for our Manager. 

He is quite smart! The first day itself he could figure out that we are quite a bunch of miscreants! The introduction being his meeting with a colleague who was watching a youtube video. The next day when he went to another's seat, some of my teammates were having a group discussion and group search on the web! He silently stood behind them and watched what they were doing. They were actually searching for some person in orkut! 

Today when Laksmi was searching for an Indian Idol(previous season) winner, she accidentally played the video out loud. It started with the Indian Idol title music. The moment she realized, she muted the laptop. So the music was not long enough to recognize that it is Indian Idol. But we couldn't escape it. This guy was sitting 2-3 cubes away. But he stood up the moment he heard the music and stared at her and started smiling. 

Senior :  You did that ASMO changes to the smartforms?
Laskmi : Yes
Senior : Did you generate and check?
Lakshmi: mmmm..... No
Senior : When will you do it? After getting the title?

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