Friday, June 5, 2009

Hello world!

No this is not the name of the first program i wrote... :)

Many will probably have a Deja Vu wen dey hear "Hello World"... It takes many ppl back to the Computer Lab where you wrote your first code... a beginning to the many lines of crap which trails behind us! yea software engineer by "profession"! But i like it.... yea.. i crib sometimes... but i love what i am doin! Touch wood... i love my life! I love myself :)

Hmmm... there is no continuity between what i am writing... even i might feel that "whats diz??" ... but let it be... who cares! ;) Well... have u wondered why people say "Touch Wood"? I googled (dats my one of my hobbies.. another being "askin Qs") ... yea... In older days Crosses were made of wood... so the touching wood is meant for touchin the cross .. hence to ward of Evil... :)

Okay... pehle din ke liye ithna funda kaafi hain.... chalo mujhe office se bhi nikalna hain... :)

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