Friday, June 12, 2009

Kiran's Bde!

Morning I woke with lots of excitement! Don’t you feel like asking y? We are going to ‘The Oterra’ for lunch! This team lunch is sponsored by 3 of our PMs… tang tang ta tang! (Reminds me of the advertisements in Doordarshan during good old childhood days). So I told all my friends that I am going to ‘The Oterra’. But from when on did I feel like calling the hotel with a “THE” which I see everyday during my walk bus Infy bus bay to the Salarpuria Infozon? Probably from the time I came to know that it’s a ***** hotel! Usually I don’t give much of the look at the hotel while the walk. But today I was pretty interested and was looking “only” at the hotel while I was passing it- thinking of all the fun and fotos ( by d by, did I tell u that I brought my cam today)we are going to have inside it today.

Reached office and was very eager to wish my PM his Birthday (after all poor chap-he is taking us to The Oterra-just kidding ;))! And alas, there he says “We are not going to The Oterra since we dint get a booking”. Now what? They end up having discussions and round table conferences to decide upon what to do! And we end up in Manipal County. So we all went to manipal county and it was very great! Half of the blog was written before I went for treat and half after it. So during the second half of the blog, I am feeling very sleepy after a heavy lunch and loads of desserts! The place was really good… and the food was good… so we enjoyed, had a good time and am dozing offffffffffffffff…………………. !

Yippee! Today is Friday… when I thought about it, I am kind of waking from my sleep…. But oh no please I cant still manage to write something interesting here.. so I will better put some pics to make it interesting!

Now what you see below is our journey to Manipal County! Thats inside of the Red Volvo Bus of BMTC in which we travelled!

Now this is the pic while we had our lunch in Manipal County... Its not actually duirng the lunch... because we were too busy eating rather than taking pix.. so this pic was taken when we finished our main course and were taking a break so that we can stuff in more desserts!

Now there comes the desserts! They were yummy... now dont wonder who took these many sweets... its my plate only... there were payasam, cake and something else remaining... since i couldnt put them also in this, i dint take them! ;)

Now yea.. lunch is over.. now its the cake cutting ceremony... Happy Bde to u ... happy bde to u... happy bde dear kiran.. happy bde to u.... we made him to pose for a long time... poor fellow dint know that we were more interested in taking the pic of the cake rather than his!

Okie... Now lunch and cake cutting over... its group pic time!

Now guys will have lots of questions about this pic but i am not ready to give any explanation!

Now the whole team!

Phew! that was a big job after the sumptuous meal!

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