Monday, June 8, 2009


Some transliteration thing got enabled and i could see all other languages to write my blog other than English! Do u think i never mind? I do definitely! but it was fun... typing in malayalam and hindi... so wen i feel like kidding, i can turn it on and play with languages :)

So a weekend over... and i am back to office... Monday morning(even afternoon) blues(and white/yellow/orange depending on the sun!)... Actually its 3:02 in the afternoon and i was in the office since 8:30 am.... but coming to my senses now... Now i am eagerly waiting for another weekend! and that will arrive in jus 4 more days! Is time flying? Yea, some people will tell that time had been flying since long... So i will have to modify my question. "Is time flying too fast?". I think so. I believe that something strange has happen. We have not implicitly experienced it. But something has happened which has made Earth's speed of revolution faster. Yea. We dint feel that. Some force has actually did something. All the clocks and whatever corresponding time measuring things are present on earth and elsewhere had been automatically modifed. Yea. Earth is revolving faster. Days and Nights are goin faster. This 24 hours we get now is not the 24hrs which someone living in past has got. I am not joking buddy? Dont you yourself realise? How much time we had when we were kids. Now we dont have time. 24 hours is not sufficient. Dont you realise the speed at which weekends come, go, come, go... Thuddd.... sorry... have i gone mad? If my friends hear this, they will tell that question has to be altered to " Have my madness increased?"

Okie.. so saturday sunday is called heaven days :D .... and the rest of the days are called "Road to heaven" days :P

These days my weekends are mostly spend my watching movies... reading books... and yea... some amount of time roaming around in the crowded roads of bangalore...

Last week and during the weekend the books i finished are "Eye of the needle" by Ken Follet and "Brida" by Paulo Coelho... Former is the story of a German spy during the world war period in England.. his code name being " Die Nadal" meaning "The Needle". He has a stiletto as pointed as the needle which he uses to Kill his victims. "Brida" is the story of a girl named the same whose interest is currently concentrated in learning Magic. The books says that men want to learn magic to acquire power and women to find their love. The story deals about "finding Soulmates". I am always partial to paulo coelho cause i love his books. This is also one of such beautiful books.

Now the movies I watched. :P ... It started on friday night itself with the opening show "P.S. I Love You". It is a cute movie. Gerry really loves Holly. Feels little sentimental and all. :P ...
Saturday i watched "The Illusionist". It is a marvellously directed movie. I can put that into my fav movie list. Ed Norton is good. Sunday morning movie was " The Holiday". It was fun with Cameron Diaz(the one who dont cry :P ) and Kare Winslet. Sunday evening movie was "Meet Joe Black". OMG! man... Brad Pitt is sooooooooooo awesome! No more comments... You will have questions on my character if i carry on :P ....

Okie... done for today people!

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