Monday, May 30, 2011

Casino Primera :)

Yes! Highway 50 lead me to that world of magic... the glittering lights... the blazing music... the crowd with thousand expressions.. i walked in to my first Casino... like a small kid who ventured into her first country fair...! The colors and the light took me to another world. I was mesmerized just by the thought that how much this place was ALIVE!

My misconceptions about the casinos were that you had to have big money to play... I thought that people keep big money and they win or lose based on their luck... and mostly people lose. As my awareness grew, i came to know that you can play starting with 10$ too... so i was prepared to lose my 40$... since that's all i had!

Never did i imagine that it will be so crowded inside. The innumerable slot machines were like mirrors looked on to by eager people...  Not even one was empty and everyone was trying their luck tonight. After the slot machines came an array of tables... the cards, the roulette... They had a power to attract you. Definitely the ambiance made you smile and it invoked an urge to try your luck then and there. 

My companion took me to roulette table and explained me the rules to play. Then i watched sometime to see how people played. Yes! Most of them were rolling their money. I just got coins for 20$ and started playing. I did not take much risk and play. I was definitely worried of losing even though i came prepared to lose, i had the fear. So i was almost all the time playing safely. But as time passed, people around me were like buying coins for 100$ and more and playing. It was interesting to watch them play. When you look at the table, you can see stacks of coins, one top on another on almost all numbers. While i stuck mostly to the corners, in between numbers, odds, evens, black or red kind of columns, people placed their coins in stacks all over the table directly on numbers. But one thing i note is that, you forget the time, the world and everything and are sucked into the game. The loud music or the colors or the crowd doesn't matter. For that matter, after a long time only i noticed the minimally dressed waitresses who were unhesitatingly exposing. Your eyes and senses and stuck on the table and roulette. The time flies there, the tables turn.... I saw one lady who was like winning everything at one point of time and after sometime, losing them and buying more coins.... A guy came in with 200$, placed his bet (the whole of 200$) on the black bet. The roulette turned and came to a stop. He left empty handed. But people are not bothered. After sometime, a granny was playing beside me. You can see all kind of people there.

So, nothing can stop you there. There  is always a small voice inside you which whispers... probably this is your luck day...

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