Saturday, February 19, 2011

Me and World Around

Ok! i know i am not a good citizen. I really know this fact to my full conscience. For a start, i dont read newspaper. And i don't generally care (not completely) about what is happening around. I am this generation who startles at a news and comfortably forgets about it once the heat subsides and sink into my own defined and secluded happy world. I am sometimes ashamed of me. 
But sometimes i feel that this is what Darwin stated in his theory of evolution and as Spencer rightly coined 'Survival of the fittest'. This is how we evolve and adapt... Adapt to the changes to the world around. When the world around turns out to become brutal and conscious-less,  you adapt to ignore it; you succumb to your world, your shell; where you fool your mind to "Aaal izz well". This is how normal people happily assume to be "fit"; to fit in the society, to survive. To live their lives till they die. Don't blame the people when they don't raise voice against injustice and atrocity. Some consciously ignores and some unconsciously. And some brave souls have the will power to raise voice against injustice. But how many have you seen to be successful? How many have succeeded in bringing the guilty to justice! Justice, i am not talking about judiciary here. Even after being found as guilty, the 'Evil' is still free; they have power. And what happen to the souls who stood against them. They either become history or an non-story. Now do you blame the common man to adapt to the current state they are in? They are happy in their small world which they falsely believe to shield them from the 'Real' World. 'I' am one of them. Life is short. Let me live. Let my conscience forgive me for my inactivity and insensitivity!

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  1. so true..sometimes i even take a break from Facebook or internet to avoid accidentally browsing through pictures of rape, war, brutally murdered little ones..about which we can do nothing much so much frustrating..!