Tuesday, June 1, 2010

ividathe cheriya bhoomikulukangal! (the small tremors here!) - 4

This below mail was written by Silku to share one of our moments! Yes! this time I was the great mandhabudhi of the country who contributed generously  to making others laugh.

Let me have a disclaimer at first itself... puttu podi was white in color! :(

Venue: 209 Kitchen!
*--------------------------------------Scene 1 ----------------------------------------------*
Time: 9:00

Myself and Varshamon knocks on the door “tock..tock”

A squealing screaming Saji comes and greets us with hugs!
Saji: Njangal ningalkku dinner undakki vechittundu! [squeals again]

Rest of us: TANG!!!

*----------------------------------Scene 2 -------------------------------------------------*
Time: 9:10

Heerapi prepares to make “puttu” with the remaining puttu podi at home and with the puttupodi that we bought

Silpa (screaming from some room) – heerappi kuppiyil irikkunna puttu podi kazhinju cover il irippundu ketto kurechu…
                                                        Athum kooodi eduhtittu …puthiyathu turenna mathi!
Heerapi (enikkellam ariyam enna mattil…) - aa sheri sheriii!!

Puttu kuzhakkaling and vevikkaling in kitchen
Myself varshamon and gayus watching heerapis engagement video drama

*-----------------------------Scene 3 --------------------------------------------------------*

Time: 10:20

I take the last puttu among the lot from the pressure cooker and notices that the one in casserole is yellow in colour!
Then adukkaling things in kitchen and notices that the “puttupodi in the old cover is still there”

Silpa(a bit aanoyed) – edi heerappi ni ii puttupodi eduthille…
Heerapi: (with a shocked face..eyes rolling …puts her hands on head and ..) : OH…SHIT!!!!

All of us: Confused

Meanwhile heerappi running to the kitchen waste basket and ..
Heera: Edi njan puttupodikku pakaram MAIDEYA itte!!!

All of us: Jumping high in the air..as if INDIA won the world cup!

And with this I would like to share my title of “Mannabudhi” with Heera…
A lot more to goo heerapiJJ

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